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Upgrade dated  01/01/18 at 10.10am 

Few minor changes to ensure system, keeps up with the latest legislative requirments. Very important annual update 

Download Date is 14/09/2015 1.40 PM.

Changes to all the reports to cover the new NOP_NMBR field size.

Also found and corrected a windows 10 problem that stopped users from view web sites from within DebtControl.

Download Date is 04/09/2015 04.12 AM.

Changes required to get Automatic debt numbering working.

***************Previous upgrades

This upgrade has a change in the size of the NOP field name from 24 characters to 35

***************Previous upgrades

This upgrade contains changes to the Letter merge file and also a new field as requetsed

This upgrade includes changes to the way debts in Credit are displayed so that they become more visual.

Download Date 25/06/2014

Fixed crash in Larger viewer

Add Back Larger viewer button

Download Date 17/01/2014

Added all the software to setup texting of Letters.

Download Date is 13/01/2014 3.30 pm nz time.

Fixup as requested.

Download Date is 12/01/2014 12.45 pm nz time.

This download has the display larger viewer problem fixed.

Download Date is 7/01/2014 2.45 pm nz time.


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